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Atlantic Edge Oysters

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As the very first oyster on our market, it’s taken us 3 years to find the perfect partner and the perfect product to launch with. Nestled in the Class A waters of Pembrokeshire in West Wales, every single element of these oysters has been developed beautifully.

Their most striking attribute is their flavour profile. While it’s almost a cliche in the seafood industry, they literally taste unbelievably ‘fresh’. Why? While their proud producer, Andy Woolmer, could describe this much better than myself, these oysters have grown in an area with an enormously dense amount of sea grass. For anyone who’s had a Hendricks with cucumber, this is almost exactly what they taste like. There’s none of that metallic after taste or even overt saltiness. Exactly like the waters they’re in – they’re just beautifully pure.

How your oysters will arrive:

  • One dozen live, unshucked
  • Serves 4 people
  • Perfect for Christmas morning