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Hot Smoked Salmon – 200g Pack

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The second line we ever sold at Pesky – Iain’s whisky and maple glazed hot smoked salmon! One of the most amazing flavour and texture combinations you’ll find.

Again, exclusively using Wester Ross salmon to get the leanest, healthiest fish – he salts first before a shorter smoke in the kiln. BUT the real trick is the 15 minute cook at 200 degrees that he does after coating with a maple and whisky glaze. It’s subtle but it locks the moisture inside the fish and amplifies the flavour across the fillet. Absolutely stunning.

Enjoy the incredible craftsmanship of Iain Boyd's smokehouse.

How the pack will arrive:

  • 200g pack
  • Serves 2
  • Produced and Packed by Iain Boyd 
  • Will last beyond NYE